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Five Feelings Men Don’t Want to Experience

1. having a commitment. 

Commitment often means giving in to the average man. But that doesn’t mean that a serious relationship will change character or essence. The prospect of finding a worthy, reliable and beloved partner once and for life should dispel all doubts. Also, marriage has a positive effect on men’s health. 

2. lack of commitment 

No one wants to grow old alone, so looking for a permanent partner is a good thing. Relationships are great. But you should not rush headlong into a maelstrom. As soon as there are few women around a man, it is easier for him to agree to a serious relationship. That’s why guys get married earlier in small towns than in cities. There are just less girls there. If you keep this in mind, you can control the desire to start a family with at least someone.


3. be emotional.

Society’s ideas of what a real man should be are very far removed not only from reality, but also from a healthy state of affairs. Maybe men really do not cry, but only drop stingy tears on their unshaven cheeks, but scientists still advise to perceive their own emotionality in a positive way. The habit of hiding feelings and constantly building a wall around yourself is very harmful. People who show and control their own emotions are the most in-demand employees in managerial positions.

4. Getting stuck in a job you don’t like

Any man wants to be successful. It may be a matter of ego or a desire to achieve financial well-being – it doesn’t matter. But along the way, it’s so easy to forget about yourself and get stuck in a job you don’t love. Simply because it is convenient, familiar and comfortable. Many men start a job they don’t love because of the money. For most people, quitting means a new opportunity. The lion’s share of those who change jobs and make a temporary living but are constantly working to find the perfect profession do find it.


5. The Midlife Crisis

Men are more inclined to look back, to evaluate the path they’ve traveled and to imagine their future prospects. But it is also important to be able to look forward. As a man gets older, he gets wiser. That’s not old age. It’s maturity. So it’s a good time to start celebrating life.

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